Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Quick Intro, and What I Hope To Accomplish!

     Hello there! My name is Alison and this is my blog of all things I love. I've had this blog for some time now, and am pretty sporadic in my posts. But now my friend Grace and I started a fan page on Facebook in hopes of sharing our obsessions with like minded people. (Check it out here! The Beauty Fiends) So now with hopes of a bigger audience, I revamped my blog and am ready to post!

     So, for anyone who doesn't know, I work two jobs- one of them as a make-up artist. So obviously. the passion for make-up is there. But beyond that I love jewelry, purses, and pretty much all things girly. My other job is more business-like, so I can't be fun and wild like at Ulta. But I think it helps in reviewing, because I try to suggest things for both worlds.

     As for things I'd like to accomplish... well, let me start by saying I am a huge fan of etsy. (If you haven't seen it, YOU MUST GO!) There is so MUCH amazing stuff! And I have found quite a few great beauty shops on there. Awesome products for even the smallest budgets- it's amazing! So I want to share my discoveries, tell you what I think, and show you how how the products work.

     I'll mostly be focusing on make-up, but if I have anything else worthwhile, I will happily share those too! And a lot of brands will be indie, but I also will cover more well known brands.

     Basically, this will be my happy little corner of the internet where I get the chance to ooh and ahh over all sorts of fun stuff, and spread the words to others. If I get anyone half as excited as me, I'll feel like I succeeded!

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