Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One Of My Favorite Shops- Tifthapeach

     I don't know about you guys, but I think gauged ears look SO COOL. But, I just can't commit to stretching out my lobes. I have tons of earrings, and I don't want to feel limited to only gauges. Plus, it's really not appropriate for my more conservative job.

     While surfing etsy, I came upon Tifthapeach (check her out here). She makes SUPER AWESOME earrings for gauged ears- but she can turn any of them into "fakers." Fakers give the look of gauged ears, but are made for pierced ears. SO AWESOME! Plus, she'll totally customize them for you. Color, style, glitter- you get a totally unique earring.

I've ordered from her twice now, and she's a total doll. And she gives a coupon code to return customers, which is always a nice touch. All and all, both times I've worked with her I've had a great experience, and her products are awesome. Total A+!

Now for some pictures!

First pair I bought. The "Samari" style in black with glitter.

Part of my second order. "Corkscrew" style in hot pink with glitter.

This one might be my favorite pair. "Woodland" style in "bloodwood" color.

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