Saturday, July 9, 2011

Etsy Shop: ReneeLoughlin

     I love jewelry just about as much as I love make-up. And I can't really say I love one specific type, because I have girly stuff, edgy stuff, vintage stuff- a little bit of everything. While trolling on etsy (like I tend to do) I found ReneeLoughlin's shop (check it out here!) She has such awesome stuff! Everything has a kind of vintage/retro kind of vibe, which I love.

     I bought (click to enlarge):

This pretty bird necklace (two are white, one is turquoise) ($24)

And these awesome razor blade earrings! ($18)

     When my package arrived, I was surprised by the necklace. For some reason I thought the birds were going to be bigger. But I actually really like the size once I had it on because it looks much more dainty and lady-like. The earrings are just pure awesome- and no, they aren't sharp. She also sent me cute bobby pin with a skull brooch on it, which was really nice!
     I feel like the prices were decent- not too high. And she had great communication and ships super fast! I would definitely buy from her again.

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