Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Madd Style Cosmetics Reviews

     I just want to start this post by saying that I know I had a few people tell me they didn't like this brand based on their customer service. But I went ahead and tried it out anyway. I had absolutely no issues. I placed my order, I was contacted when my color choices didn't go through (which is I problem I have constantly had with  artfire messages), it was shipped in a timely manner. If you check out their facebook page (found here) you can see they have a great following. So I would tell anyone who was interested to go ahead and check them out (you can find their shop here).

     I ordered the 6 for $20 when it was sale- now I think it's back to 5 for $20 (which is still a great deal.) I took FOREVER to choose my colors. I wanted to branch out a bit and try new things, so I choose a few colors I wouldn't normally gravitate towards.

Left to right: Kick Ass, Tiger's Blood, Oz, Lust for Life, Space Oddity, Ecto Cooler

Left to right: Kick Ass, Tiger's Blood, Oz, Lust for Life, Space Oddity, and Ecto Cooler

     Check out the difference between the pot and the swatch for Lust for Life. In the pot it's much more grey looking, but on it has an awesome purple/pink shift. I am LOOOOOVING that color. I am also really digging Tiger's Blood- I love how metallic it is, and I don't have another color like it.

Me wearing Lust for Life on lid and under eye

And closed. (My nose is peeling a bit, ignore that!)

     Overall these shadows are great. No problems with application or blending. Great pigmentation, and wear well.

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