Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review: Carina Dolci Mineral Cosmetics

     I found Carina Dolci's shop on Facebook through mutual likes. Her colors were really pretty, and she was having a moving sale, so I decided to try her stuff out. (Check out her shop here and her facebook page here.)

I ordered nine eyeshadows (because I'm ridiculously indecisive. And like I said- SALE!)

Frrom L to R: Black w/ Blue glitter, Black w/ Gold glitter, Black w/ Dark Fuchsia glitter, Copper, Merlot, Twinkling Lights, Lilac, Sweet Tart, and Mint

     I got a nice mix of dark, metallic, and pastels. Before I my order was shipped Carina Dolci messaged me and told me I needed to get the Starry Eye Serum because it makes a huge difference in the shadows, and gave me a coupon code for free shipping as well. I was really iffy about it because it looks just like water, but I got it just to be safe.

     Here are all the colors swatched, half over the serum and half over naked skin.

(Colors are in same order as first picture)

As you can tell, the serum does make a HUGE difference, especially in the metallic and dark colors! And though the serum looks and feel like water, it holds the shadows on all day, with no creasing! And blending was still no issue over the serum. However- you do need to make sure you let it dry before putting shadow over it.

This is the "Copper" shadow.

Better picture of the color.

     It did take me awhile to get my order, but it's understandable because they're moving their shop. And for the inconvenience she sent me 18 shadows samples. 18! I won't swatch them because it's so many, but I am very appreciative of her!

     All and all her stuff is great!

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