Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Facebomb Cosmetics Review!

     I just receive my Facebomb Cosmetics order the other day, and I'm HELLA EXCITED! I ordered two full size colors and the sample pack. I bought during a sale, so for everything (including shipping) I paid a whopping $9.75. Not too shabby at all! (Check out Facebomb's etsy shop here and their Facebook page here to learn about sales and see all the new stuff before it's listed in the shop!)

     The very first thing I did when I got the package was take the sifter lids out of the eyeshadows. I don't know why, but sifter lids drive me bananas. But besides that, packaging was great- the shadows were shrink wrapped to prevent spillage and the samples came in little ziplock baggies.

Now on to swatches! (Click to enlarge)

Hyrule, Diabolique, Stranglehold, and Stay Frosty (Ignore my tattoo :-D)

     These colors were swatched over a primer (WHICH IS ALWAYS A MUST! SERIOUSLY! Not only do you use less product, it also helps your shadows wear all day!) The first two colors I ordered, and the last two were my random samples. All of these colors are pretty glittery/shimmery which I personally LOVE!

     Hyrule is a beautiful teal.
     Diabolique is a purple/brown/taupe kind of color, and 
     it's probably my favorite.
     Stranglehold is a pretty lilac purple.
     Stay Frosty is an awesome metallic silver.

     And here they are in action- (Click to enlarge)

I'm wearing Stranglehold on the lid, with Diabolique in the outer corner/crease.

     Diabolique is actually darker than in the picture, but I applied it with a fluffy brush so it went on nice and soft. These shadows apply well, blend well, and are just beautiful.

     Now for the most important question- how do they wear?

Me at work- six hours after initial application.

Me at home- NINE HOURS after initial application.

     I am very, VERY happy with how these wore! As long as you're wearing a primer, Facebomb eyeshadows will last you all day! LOVE!

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