Monday, September 13, 2010

Product Review: Too Faced Long Stem Lashes


     Long Stem Lashes by Too Faced cosmetics is a lash growing serum. What's awesome about it (well, one of the things anyways) is that it won't change the color of your eyelids or actual eye like others can. Long Steam lashes is double sided- one side contains a black liquid liner that contains the serum. The other side is the serum by itself. 

     Alright, before I get into explaining this stuff, it's a before picture time! (Note: I am wearing mascara on top and bottom lashes so the length can be seen.)


     I am in LOOOOOOOVE with this product. Seriously. I have been using it for 8 weeks now and definitely notice a change in the length and volume of my lashes. You can use the serum up to twice a day- once in the morning or once at night. However, it doesn't matter if you only do it once a day. The eyeliner is obviously more daytime appropriate (unless you want to wear black liquid liner to bed!), but you can use the serum instead of the eyeliner for daytime too. Also, the serum can be used on top and bottom lashes- some other serums direct to use the serum on the upper lashline only.

     This product boosts some serious stats too:
     72% of participants reported appearance of longer lashes after four weeks
     81% of participants reported increase in the appearance of lash thickness and fullness after eight weeks
     74% of subjects reported the appearance of having more lashes, overall

     Okay, but I'm going to let you decide. After picture time! (Note, I'm wearing mascara top and bottom again. This time I'm also wearing black eyeliner versus purple.)

     Pretty impressive, no?

     So as a final grade I give this an A! It's $38 a tube- most others start at $60 and move up into the hundreds. My only complaint is that I wish it was all serum instead of the black eyeliner. Once the serum is dry, you can put make-up over it. But constantly wearing the black eyeliner gets kinda boring.

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