Sunday, February 20, 2011


     Redid the site- it's looking all snazzy and revamped, and it makes me happy. I just get bored easily and like to keep things fresh and interesting.

     Did a training today, learned about some new brands that I wasn't so familiar with. Looking forward to trying some new stuff and reviewing it...

First goal- buy some make-up brushes. I've acquired a lot of nice face brushes, but I'm lacking eye brushes, which is what I really need a plethora of. I'm going to see if I can run to Target and check out their elf brand of brushes- they vary between $1-$8 which is obviously super manageable. Obviously for that price they aren't the best out there, but until I can slowly grow my collection of professional brushes, they'll do. Target is the only retail store I'm aware of that carries this line- I know they don't have the full collection, but the rest can be ordered online.

I'm also in the market for a good teasing comb... I think I'll probably venture out to Sally Beauty  for that one... I'm hoping to grow out my hair and when it starts getting long I obviously need assistance with volume... especially since I always want my hair sticking straight up in the air, all mohawked out.

     The above is the look I'm thinking of. I'm just hoping I have the patience to grow it before I totally give up and keep it short.

     That's all until next time...


  1. elf has good brushes. I have two of their eye brushes and i think they work really well. Especially since the ones I have are stubby so you can really pack on the color.

  2. The one Target I went to didn't have them, but I think the one by the movie theatre does. I have the basic shadow brushes, I wanted to try out other ones... I may just end up ordering online. I think they have two dollar shipping!

  3. i use their foundation brush. I think its pretty good.